ERS Connect - Overview

MARS External Reservation System (ERS) Connect

New methods of handling product to improve efficiency and to reduce cost are becoming even more vital to tour operators! The cost and reliability of communications links have improved dramatically in recent times, which in turn means that it is now practical to buy products such as air seats, bed nights and tours along with other services on an individual basis.

Cost is always a major factor with any concept. In the past, users of old (legacy) computer systems have found the price of connecting to suppliers systems (host to host links) has been very expensive due to the amount of development work required. However, because of the technology we use, Mach Associates can provide fast, fully integrated links at low rates.

Mach Associates has developed a suite of software programs that integrate with our ‘MARS’ tour operator reservations systems to provide electronic (XML) links to your suppliers. With our part of the ‘puzzle’ already in place it makes it far similar and quicker to provide links to you suppliers systems!

An important factor is that our clients can now offer Internet bookings to clients and agents that link through to the supply source and confirm availability online. A Tour Operators margins are improved and service levels increased in one transparent step!

Advantages of the ERS link to your suppliers:

· No need to buy committed stock

· No allocations

· Sell at contracted rates

· Simply connect and book

· Fast and simple

· Automate delivery process to client

· Reduce overheads