Change the Way you Sell

New sales challenges face Tour Operators and online Agents, in order to meet the ever changing demands of the marketplace, new (evolving) technology is needed both to provide the functionality!

Changing your sales methods can greatly improve your volumes and margins. MARS offers a number of options to give customers the ability to embrace business change.

  • Dyanamic Packaging for Tour Operators

    Customers are demanding choice but still want the security and prices offered by packages. MARS allows users to have that choice. For example; by giving flight options of Full Service, Charter or Low Cost Air travel combined with transfer, Accommodation and resort services.

    Whatever the combination you offer MARS can provide it

  • Embedded Websites

    Distribution is far more than just offering an Agents website in addition to your direct sell site. Today affiliate marketing needs much more than a ‘White Page’ link to your business partners. MARS can provide embedded websites that give you the option of selling partner products or providing your partners with product – all without showing the source.

  • Integrated supplier Links

    As part of Dynamic Packaging or normal sales MARS offers connections to a wide range of suppliers and can add others to customer’s specific requirements. Existing connections include:

    • Gulliver's Travel Associates
    • Hotel Connect
    • Travco
    • Amadeus/Galileo
    • Low Cost Airlines and Charters
    • Ferry Companies
    • Eurostar
    • Eurotunnel

    If you company sells using allocations or prefers to sell direct through supplier sites (or even a combination) MARS provides the solution.

  • Integrated email and VOIP

    To improve administration services every MARS booking record has an email box to record all communications with suppliers and your clients. Invoices, vouchers and general messages can be sent by email to improve your business efficiency and reduce costs. A standard task facility allows users to communicate internally to ensure that colleagues are always ‘in the loop’.

    A VOIP connection is standard on each booking file so that administrators can call customers – free of charge. A great illustration of how our technology can be applied!

  • Webookit

    Selling online is what distribution is all about these days. Our WEBOOKIT feature integrates MARS into clients Websites in a single operation. As well as giving single product data entry (thus avoiding time consuming and error prone multiple entries) it also gives provides cost saving data management facilities.

    Marketing departments can monitor website sales activities so that you can react to good or bad sales situations in ‘real time’. Instead of waiting to meet with your designers and schedule in changes to your website(s) they can be made immediately thus saving time and money.

    ALL YOUR PRODUCTS CAN BE SOLD ONLINE in the format you want!

  • Rental

    Mars also offers another key advantage - Rental fees! Instead of customers paying by expending Capital and substantial percentage fees in the form of annual support charges, Mach Associates simply charge a single training and set up fee followed by monthly rental fees based on the volumes of bookings. We provide a hosted solution that allows customers to login in the morning and out again in the evening and we perform all backup and security functions as part of the fee.

    There are many other possibilities so if you want to integrate your CRM, Telephony systems or simple want to talk through options, contact us to discuss the options further.