Microsoft Certified Silver Partner

At Mach Associates, we're proud to be part of the Microsoft Partner Program.

As a Microsoft Partner, we're recognised for our dedication to excellence and our commitment, expertise and superiority in creating and delivering innovative customer solutions and serivces based on Microsoft technologies.

This means that our Mars, ERS Connect and Webookit software products are built and run on the very latest of Microsoft Technologies including Microsoft.Net 4.0 and Microsoft SQL Server 2008.

When you are trusting your businesses processes to us as your software supplier we don’t believe it’s enough to simply state we are using the latest technologies we think we should stand up and be tested!

The Mach Associates Reservation System (MARS) has been tested by Microsoft to meet their exacting standards in SQL Server, ASP.Net, Web Services to mention just a few areas. This is the first part in gaining Microsoft Certified Partner Status. The second part is for our customers to recommend us to Microsoft.

Our ongoing commitment to our Microsoft Partner Status assures you that you can trust your business to us.